New week, new challenge

Hi Guys!

I’ve taken a break from the twin shaped hurricane that has taken over my household to write a really quick blog post: it’s coming up to challenge day!




Because every challenge I have attempted so far has been derailed by injury, I am completing a non active test. Starting on Monday I will be cutting gluten out of my diet completely for 4 weeks. Having not been diagnosed with any food intolerances I am interested to find out how difficult it is to balance the diet, and what causes people to revert back to the food that is causing their body so much damage!

Gluten is one of the most common food intolerances going, and it has been suggested that many people are intolerant to gluten at some level and don’t know about it. I specifically chose gluten to cut out because of my personal experience. I have a tendency to feel bloated and sluggish after eating foods such as pasta, and cheat days where I indulged in most of my wheat products left me with an upset stomach and a bad night’s sleep.

If your diet is causing inflammation, it will affect you hormonally, metabolically and it will affect your weight, therefore I have a lot to gain if gluten is affecting my body. I will be testing body composition, energy levels, recording any problems with the diet that I am finding to be persistent and anything else of note I find.

If I begin to see major improvements I can look at getting blood tests done to shed some more light on the subject. If no change occurs I will probably undertake the elimination diet to help narrow down any other foods that may be problematic!

I’ll try to keep you updated with regular short posts. I’m giving myself the weekend to prepare so I will see you on Monday!


As always, drop me an email if you have any questions!

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