Life Without Gluten – 2 Weeks On

When I started writing this post, I didn’t think it was going anywhere. I didn’t feel any different and I missed bread. I was seriously considering up and even indulged in some birthday cake. But that piece of cake changed everything. Almost straight after finishing the cake I felt sick gassy and was very bloated. Pre experiment I would have never noticed this. I would have passed it off as me being too full and it would have gone no further. But now, having cut out gluten from my diet I can identify the warning signs so much easier. Something is going on inside my body as a reaction to that piece of cake, and it is not a good thing.

So, I am two weeks into my gluten free lifestyle and I have had mixed feelings towards it. Although I have stuck to it well, (one or two slip ups due to pure absent minded habit) I am finding myself feeling worse at the end of week 2.

I feel more tired, more sluggish and fatter.

I in no way put these adverse effects down to me cutting out gluten. In place of gluten I have begun eating more sugary food that I never normally would have eaten. I adopted a mindset of ‘my only goal is to avoid gluten, outside of that I can eat what I want’.

These first two weeks have led me to the rather obvious conclusion that at least in my case, eliminating gluten is in no way a quick fix, or a single ideology to base your diet around.  For me to reap the benefits of a gluten free diet, I will also have to follow my idea of healthy eating.

However, as I said before, this experiment has already shown me the damage that gluten is doing to my body. I have slipped up the last two nights on the last meal. On Saturday I had a couple of slices of bread, and on Sunday I had a slice of birthday cake. On both occasions I have got bloated and felt sick, and I would have never noticed this without removing gluten from my diet in the first place.

I can’t tell if my performance has got any worse/better as I have only managed one gym session after which my shoulder kicked back and frustratingly put me back out of action. But that was to be expected.

Moving forwards I am going to continue to keep gluten out of my diet, however I am going to do so within my normal fat loss ideals.

Below is what I ate over the last two weeks. The real revelations were the home made protein bars and coconut covered chicken!


Breakfast Lunch Dinner  Snacks Drink Feel Exercise
Mon 31/03 Scrambled egg – 4 eggs, mixed herbs, salt, pepper Lettuice, spinach, broccoli +turkey breast steak W/olive oil+balsamic vinegar Fried turkey and BBQ sauce, spinach, cambizola, 2 cheese triangles, an orange Omega 3 suppliments, 4 thin slices of cambazola, handfull of seeds (pumpkin, golden linseed, sunflower and sesame), and apple,   2 Pints of water , 1 large cup of tea (milk+ sugar) Starving between meals, not eating enough. Ended up filling up on cheese.
Tue 01/04 Scrambled egg – 5 eggs, mixed herbs, salt, pepper 1 bannana, 2 dairylee triangles lamb chop, broccoli, salad (photo) and an orange bannana and nuttella 3 Pints of water , 1 large cup of tea (milk+ sugar), 1 pint apple juice not hungry at all, real contrast!
Wed 02/04 Fried egg – 5 eggs, + salsa Greek Salad- cucumber, tomatoes and feta cheese Home made chicken and sweet poato curry Left over salad from last night, and apple, 3 cheese triangles 3 Pints of water , 1 large cup of tea (milk+ sugar), 1 pint apple juice completely full until about 4-5 o clock where I get hungry and tend to snack on cheese Gym Session, small cario circuit + abs
Thur 03/04 Fried egg – 5 eggs, + salsa Home made protein bars x 2 (vanilla whey, coconut milk, dessicated coconut, + coconut flower Meatballs, bria and spinach  omega 3 suppliments, Protein bar 6 Pints of water, hot choccolate (nutella and milk)
Fri 04/04 Protein bar Coconut coated chicken, protein bar Beef stew and mixed salad Glass of Apple Juice, 1 pint of water Cravings dissapearing now I am eating more
Sat 05/04 Scrambled egg – 4 eggs mixed herbs, salt, pepper salad: salad leaves corgette , red onion, feta cheese, olive oile + balsamic vinegar Chilli, baked sweet potato and salad gluten free flapjack 4 pints of water Starting to eat sugary food as replacement
Sun 06/04 None Banana Coconut coated chicken, broccoli, spinach and sweetcorn 3 Pints of water , 1 large cup of tea (milk+ sugar)
Mon 07/03 Fried egg – 5 eggs, + salsa Tomato soup and brie Roast chicken, peas, carrots and sweetcorn 6 Pints of water,  Gym Session, weights (shoulder kick back)
Tue 08/04 Fried egg – 4 eggs, + salsa none Steak hashe burgers w/ spinach magnum ice cream 1 pint of water
Wed 09/04 Protein bars none Steak, carrot + sweede mash and brussel sprouts 4 Pints of water and 1 cup of tea (milk and sugar)
Thur 10/04 Fried egg – 5 eggs, + salsa Tomato soup and brie Gluten free pizza Chocolate bar 4 pints of water
Fri 11/04 Scrambled egg – 4 eggs mixed herbs, salt, pepper Chicken breast, salad, cottage cheese chicken and sticky rice magnum ice cream 4 pints of water
Sat 12/04 Scrambled egg – 4 eggs mixed herbs, salt, pepper Bunless burger, bbq sauce and cheese, sweet potato fries (tango) Absent mindedly ate some bread. Baked camambert and red onion chutney  2 squares of chocolate Glass of coke, hot choccolate (tango), pint of water Not feeling good having eaten poorly
Sun 13/04 Poached egg x2, fried mushrooms + spinach, potato waffles home made coconut chicken strips and garlic sauce Roast turkey, roast potatos, stuffing, broccoli brithday cake 3 pints of water again, feeling ill

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