Why researching your fitness is keeping you fat


You do not lose weight by reading about it.


We are constantly bombarded with information.

It’s like trying to listen to one person while thirty other people are talking to you at the same time. You get lost in the noise and the one message that could help you disappears as you try to hold on to all of the different handy hints you are picking up. 


There are two major problems with this information vomit:

Problem 1- how do you know what advice to follow? with everyone selling you the new miracle waistline shrinking technique its tough to pick out the ones that will actually get you results

Problem 2- how do you stick to your plan, if as soon as you start getting anywhere you’re told that it’s old, outdated and that anybody who is anybody is using this new revolutionary technique that blows everything else out of the water?


What you need to do is take a deep breath. Close Cosmopolitan, close Men’s Health and just stop for a second. They’re brilliant at giving you the illusion of progress when what we actually want is real progress.

Now go find someone who’s message seems sincere. I AM brilliant, but it doesn’t have to be me. There are so many free sources of information out there on youtube or in blogs, just shop around until you find one you like and give it a try. Of course there are people out there just looking to make money, but a little bit of research or asking around will usually expose them pretty quickly.


Now the hard part. You actually have to do what they’re saying! 

Most people put out information they believe in. They actually want to help and their work reflects it. If a fitness professional telling you to do something it’s usually because they truly believe it will get you results. 

So cowboys aside, one of the biggest reason that these people, and the people they tell you about are getting the results you aren’t is because they are doing the things that you are only reading about. 

Suck it up, take their advice and implement it!


Finally, and this is the real, solid gold secret to success: you have to stick to it.

Instead of making a change until your motivation runs out or until you read about Hugh Jackmans secret wolverine workout, make a change and ride it out until the end. I’m not saying you cant alter course slightly or update with new information, just make sure that you keep going in the same direction.

Results won’t come overnight, they might not even come in a few weeks but stick to your goals and you will begin to see some success.


I dare you to start something!


As always, drop me an email if you have any questions! I’m always happy to help.

George Studd Fitness Training




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