Not all sixpacks and selfies



Hi guys, really quick one today

A common misconception I am finding that people have with personal trainers, is that people believe that we will only be happy when the whole world has a sixpack.

We believe that everybody should be the peak of physical perfection and live on chicken and rice for the rest of their lives.

This belief is sadly perpetuated by the hundreds of personal trainers who fill their news feeds with topless selfies and ‘do you even lift’ jokes.


This is not the case.

At least it isn’t for me.


Working in the fitness industry and having a body fat percentage over 10% gives you some perspective. I don’t have a sixpack. In the last year I have been recovering from surgery on a broken hand, recovering from a torn ligament in my knee and recovering from god knows what is going on in my shoulder that has forced me to retire from rugby.

To optimize recovery from injury, you are supposed to eat like you would to gain lean mass, basically eat to put on weight. Balancing this with an inability to exercise and sitting around trying run a business, you have someone who isn’t going to have a sixpack any time soon.

But guess what?

I don’t care!

Me topless

I miss the bruises more than I want that elusive sixpack

Well maybe I care a little bit, but there are things that are more important to me right now. I am still living a healthy lifestyle, I am still eating good nutritious food and exercising what body I have left, but I am striving to be healthy, not skinny.


I have this mind set with people that come to me as well. A lot of people do need to lose weight, but not so that they have a sixpack. Some people need to lose weight to improve their performance in sport or at work, some people need to lose weight to improve their health or quality of life and some people need to lose weight to feel happier about themselves.

Here’s the thing though, a lot of people who are skinny with sixpacks need to put on weight for the same reasons.

The ‘ideal body’ isn’t defined by what you see in mens health or cosmopolitan. Its defined by you.


If you are healthy and happy with your body then I am thrilled for you! Job done.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t work towards an ideal, and ambition is a beautiful thing but being happy with your body is so much more satisfying than having the body of your dreams and being miserable.

Don’t let your life slip by because you are unhealthy. Mentally or physically.


Thanks for reading,

George ‘no more bruises for me’ Studd

George Studd Fitness Training


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