The 3 Big Words That Are Holding You Back



As you would expect with me being a personal trainer, my news feed if full of people with amazing intentions. Starting new diets and exercise routines every day. It warms my heart.

The lorax said: “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” And while using beautiful environmental messages for my own agenda is morally questionable, he has a point.

The fact that you all want to change, that you all care about changing, means everything. There is no chance at all of you changing your life if you don’t care. And I never want to discourage people from giving diet and exercise everything they have.

Amongst all of this incredible good intention however, there are common themes that crop up over and over again. They are just little words here and there that when used once or twice are completely harmless.

But these words are never just said once or twice.

Just as the power of caring is amazing, peoples ability to self-sabotage may be even stronger. Here are 3 of the words or themes that are just SO dangerous to your progress:



The classic! You’ve heard it all before. I’ll start my diet tomorrow. I’ll start running every day tomorrow. As we know, tomorrow very rarely comes because, sadly, that burger and beer deal is just as delicious and tempting tomorrow as it is today.

You feel good about yourself when you say ‘tomorrow’ because you have the moral satisfaction that you are going to turn your life around, with the physical satisfaction of being able to stuff your face on your ‘last night of freedom’.

Why not today? Just because you fell off the wagon and ate smarties in a bowl of milk for breakfast, does that mean you have to eat terribly of the rest of the day because ‘the day’s a write off anyway?’

Jut stow it away as a slip up, get back on the horse and have a lunch and dinner that is in line with the diet/nutritional principles that you follow. Don’t waste a whole day over one mistake





Unsurprisingly, cheat days are very popular. You get to forget your diet and eat whatever the hell you want for a meal or day. 

As someone who adores food, I have had cheat meals too many times to count in the past. However, contrary to popular belief, just because the rock does something doesn’t make it a good idea


cheat day


From a purely mathematical standpoint, cheat meals are a terrible idea. Say your goal is to lose weight, so you are eating a calorie deficit of 100cal a day of the course of the week. Calories in is less than calories out- you lose weight.

If you then add a cheat meal to this week, say a large stuffed crust texas bbq pizza from dominoes (my weapon of choice) it gives you a delicious 2,570 calories.

Unless you have accounted for this huge influx of calories in the rest of the day, you have wiped out the 600 calorie deficit you have accrued throughout the week and you are now in calorie surplus. Calories in is greater than calories out, you gain weight.

With that one cheat meal, your entire week of torturous dieting is undone and you end up putting on the pounds you were so desperately trying to lose.

It is also far too easy for a cheat meal to become a cheat day, or a cheat day to become a cheat week, bringing us back to the ‘tomorrow’ problem. Not worth the hassle at all!



Again. This is the sneaky one.

I can’t tell you how much I hear “I’m starting weight watchers again” or “I’m going back to slimming world”

I am all for consistency, and sticking to 1 plan until completion, but repeatedly going back and doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different results is the definition of insanity.

You’ve done it before, possibly many times. You may have lost weight on it, but the fact that the weight has come back time and time again must show you one thing- It doesn’t work!

The intervention has failed.

It’s not necessarily your fault, the reports of these companies being set up for you to fail are numerous but not something I have looked into extensively. Regardless, the decision to keep going back is your fault!

Cut your losses and try something new.

If you are serious about making a change and creating a new you that will last forever, email me at and book a free consultation.

If not, keep caring about your body, keep working hard and be very watchful for the little words that can make a big difference to your results.


Thanks for reading,



George Studd Fitness Training


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