Rubbing your own shit on your face, the new miracle anti- ageing discovery?

Every day for a week. It’s the latest trend!



What if I told you it would instantly make you look 10 years younger?

Still no?

What WOULD it take? what would the benefits have to be for you to that?

Lets look at it a different way:

You do this every day for a week and your partner will never be able to resist you again. they just won’t be able to keep their hands off you.

You do this every day and you will get admiring looks and effusive, genuine compliments all of the time

You do this every day and everybody starts treating you better. You grow in confidence and your career takes off. your life has changed.

You are fighting your partner off with a stick, you are happier, richer, more social and more popular just because you suffered a little. you did something that others maybe wouldn’t.

Getting tempted yet?

What I am trying to get at is that sometimes you have to look beneath face value. To look beneath the vanity to see what the REAL benefits of changing your life are.

I promise you that looking after your mental and physical well being is WAY more pleasant than smothering shit on your face, and yet most people still won’t do it!

For some of you it’s time you had a real think about why you’re dieting, why you’re training and why it’s not working. You might find some motivation you never knew you had!

Besides, if you’ve been following me for a while you know that losing weight doesn’t have to be painful at all!

In fact, I have a product coming out that will show you EXACTLY how you can lose weight, while still being able to eat all of the food that you like!

Click the picture to find out more!

This is an absolutely brilliant product!

– You get to eat all of the food you want while losing weight

– You can eat whenever you want!

– You dont need to buy any supplements or ‘magic pills’

– the weight will fall off without you noticing


Gold satisfaction guarantee

Or you could just keep doing what you’re doing and keep getting what you’ve always got! I don’t mind, I can only help people who want to be helped!

So dive in! And don’t forget to tell me about all of your incredible results, that’s the bit I love!



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