A Love Letter

Alright guys, I know it’s been FOREVER since I have done one of these. In fact it’s been a very long time since I did anything outside of work.

As you’re all sick of hearing, I’ve been a big old box of depression recently.

I thought I was going to fail out of university, I thought I was going to run out of money because I couldn’t work and I thought that I’d never be able to exercise again.

It sucked balls, still does, but I’m tired of talking about it to be honest.

Right now,

Right this very second,

I am on cloud nine.

I have been this whole week! I guess the Christmas spirit has just gotten a hold of me. My work went well, I’m mentally feeling much better and right now I’m taking some time off to relax and just enjoying myself.

archer baby

I feel phenomenal so I just wanted to take a second to express my love and thanks to all you people for sticking with me.

First of all I want to thank you guys who read the crap I throw out into the world. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of people who read and want to talk about my blogs with me!

It really is the last thing I expected when I started this. It became more of a form of therapy for me than a way to help people, but it seems that I managed to get through to the odd person as I helped myself and I can’t tell you how powerful that knowledge is when you’re bottoming out.

Just knowing that people are reading, enjoying and using the garbage that comes out of my brain makes a world of difference when I am feeling worthless. Every time someone reached out to me to say thank you, or to check I’m doing ok made the biggest impact on me. They probably had no idea what a difference they were making.

So thank you, reader, for helping me be happy this year.

Next I want to thank all of the friends I keep around me, whether we see each other all the time or just keep in touch periodically. You have to deal with the vast majority of my shitty moods and throwing the toys out of the pram, and as far as I know you haven’t disowned me yet, so thank you!

I place a huge amount of currency on who I keep around me. I believe that who you hang around with is hugely important for determining how well you cope with situations, how happy you are and how successful you are in life.

I have picked unbelievably well.

My friends are amazing. Blindly supportive when I have my crazy ideas, at least to my face, ridiculously talented at dragging me out of a funk and getting me to engage with the world and brilliant at listening to and advising me on all of my problems.

I love my friends and they are incredibly important to me, so thank you too.

Finally I want to thank my girlfriend.

I don’t post about her much, I mean I don’t think I do…  and I have only ever used #love ironically, but all of the good stuff happens behind closed doors.

She is the person who sees me day in, day out. Unfortunately for her this means that she gets the brunt of my whirlwind emotions. She gets my ‘george turned to 11’ singing at the top of my lungs hyperactivity, and she gets the ‘can hardly climb out of bed george’ who sucks to be around and just wants to wallow in pity.

Regardless of what a dick I am when I’m down she does everything she can to help me work through my problems. She supports me in everything I do and has the unbelievable talent of nudging me into things that I don’t want to, but have to do.

I could put all of my success down to this pocket rocket. She is an exceptional person. The most kind, caring and thoughtful girl that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, and she puts up with my complete jackassery. Trust me, that one counts for a lot.

So you deserve a massive thank you. You are incredible, I appreciate you and I love you. You’re the bomb, T. Don’t let it go to your head

That is as soppy as you will ever get me. Lap it up. It’s a rarity.

So have an amazing holiday and know that just by reading this you are contributing to me having the time of my life. I love you guys.

Merry Christmas you dicks.


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